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Car Scrapping: How To Say Goodbye To Your Old Car?

In India, it’s difficult to scrap an old car, and the unorganised sector used to be the only one to do so. However, many vehicle companies have opposing viewpoints. Such as Mahindra started working in the scrappage industry. The Smart Kabadi company located in Ahmedabad is different from another kabadi market where you can sell your car for the most money while scraping

What Takes Place During Dealing?

  • Car scrap value is reimbursed to the customer
  • Various car parts are removed at various points
  • The offered scrapping certificate may be used to obtain various discounts

So, how do you go about having your car scrapped in Ahmedabad by one of the authorized scrappers? What takes place throughout the scrapping procedure? Here is the full scoop.

Call The Scrapping Facility

An authorised car scrap in Ahmedabad, such as Smart Kabadi, can be contacted by phone or online. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, you may either drive your car to their scrapyard or have them pick it up from your house, albeit the latter will require a tow fee. As a result, cars that are no longer roadworthy can also be picked up and demolished.

Complete The Paperwork

The original paperwork for the car must be turned over. Smart kabadi will take ownership of the car or bike if you don’t have any outstanding legal obligations (such as challans, bank debts, accidents, insurance claims, etc.). Weighing the car will establish its scrap value, which is around 4%–6% of the original ex-showroom cost.

Start Scrapping Now!

Your car will immediately be taken to be scrapped. Here is how the Smart Kabadi centres’ system functions. The first step is to remove the tyres and any CNG equipment. Additionally, the battery is taken out, and the air conditioning system’s refrigerant is drained using a device. All liquids, including fuel, engine oil, transmission oil, brake oil, steering oil, coolant, and windshield washer fluid, are drained out and collected at a depollution station before the car continues on its way. Additionally gone are the gasoline tank and muffler/silencer. The body panels, as well as the manually removed bonnet, boot lid, doors, fenders, bumpers, headlights, and taillights, follow next.

Then, the whole inside of the car is removed, including the steering wheel, dashboard, seats, floor mats, roof lining, and all other interior components. The wiring harness, or nervous system, of the car, is also removed once the majority of the trim has been removed. The running kit is removed at the next station. The engine, suspension, and brakes are taken out of the car, which is elevated for simple access. The VIN plate is then removed. 

Everything Else Is Recycled Or Used Again

The car’s body shell is raised by a crane and lowered into a crusher after being stripped down to its minimal essentials. Later, the steel bale that is produced will be sold for smelting. The numerous body trims and panels that were gathered before will be disposed of as spares. In order to maintain the process safety and environmental friendliness, these authorised scrappers additionally guarantee that no oils or AC gases are released onto land or into the air.

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Obtain Your Certificate

After the car has been scrapped, the car scrap in Ahmedabad will provide you with a certificate of destruction that you may use to get the car de-registered at the RTO (regional transport office). You will also receive payment in the form of a check or in digital form for the previously agreed-upon scrap value.

The recently stated rules on car scrapping mean the scrapping certificate can be used for more than one use. In addition to receiving a approx 25% road tax reduction and a complete remission of the registration fees, it may be used to negotiate a 5% discount from the carmaker when you buy your next (new) car.

More Scrapping Facilities Will Open

Even though these organised scrapping facilities would aid in the removal of certain outdated, polluting cars from our roads, access to their services is currently fairly restricted. However, there is a chance that things will become better in the future. Smart Kabadi, says depending on demand, you should bring your car to say goodbye at the scrapping station. We have set our firm in Ahmedabad for scrapping.

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