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Important Things We Take Into Account Before Delivering Used Car Battery

A car battery is the most integral part of a car that provides the jolt of electricity when required to all electric components of your car. There is no time period that mentioned car battery replacement. Its condition explains why it needs to be changed. If you find that your car battery needs to be replaced and if you have a tight budget, then purchasing a second-hand car battery is the ideal option you can go with. 

Smart Kabadi understands the importance of batteries well. Therefore, we, at Smart Kabadi ensure that the best quality Second hand car battery for all cars of all types of brands is served. Below are some important things we take into account before delivering them to our customers.

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Life Span:

There are higher chances of the battery running out quickly when it is very old. As old car batteries give lower output and power backup, we provide car batteries that must not be older than six months. So we first check the manufacturing date of it and ensure that it is not so old that it is not enough for use. 


We firmly believe that a warranty is the key aspect of any purchase. We believe that it must be able to serve for at least two years or more. But in some cases, it needs replacement even in the first year in case any faults occur. Therefore, we provide a combined free replacement period and a prorated warranty period. It gives our customers assurance that the battery will run for at least 2 years.

Battery Size:  

Car batteries are categorized into various sizes based on the length, width, and height of the battery. We know very well that the right battery size is one that satisfies the power needs. We provide the right battery size that fits perfectly in the battery tray and not is damaged by vibrations that occur while traveling. 

Battery Terminals:

For the car owner without having technical knowledge of the car, it is difficult to determine the position of positive terminals of the battery, which is a very important aspect of its overall functionality. Because a wrong connection can increase the chances of short circuit damage. Consequently, there are chances of damage to some of the electronic components of the car. So we provide a battery after checking the positive terminals of a battery to ensure it will fit the right for your car.   

Reserve Capacity:

Reserve capacity is the capability of the car battery to run on its own in the event that the alternator fails. A battery having high reserve capacity helps you more in case of alternators fail or the engine not working properly.    

Smart Kabadi provides a good range of car and SUV batteries that provide good performance. The battery that is provided by us gives an enduring performance no matter what the weather condition and the road condition is. Get in touch with us today to get the perfect quality battery.  

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