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Upgrade Your Old Car On Your Budget

No matter how much care you take for your car or how much you try to maintain the car, after some time, car parts need replacement. However, most of the new car features are high-priced. At a nominal cost, you would be able to replace old spare parts with second-hand car spare parts and you can enhance your in-car experience as well as make it a safer car also. Let’s take a look at the top 5 most spare parts that need to be replaced more often.


The battery is the key element of any car that provides power to start your car. Whether you have a sedan, hatchback, MUV, SUV, convertible, coupe car, or transportation truck; your car relies on a battery that provides electricity to your car. It helps in the ignition process and gives power to all cars’ electrical systems. The average lifespan of any battery is about 3-5 years. There are multiple ways to find out whether your car battery needs replacement or not such as:

  • It can not hold the charge for a long time
  • The engine takes a long time to start 
  • A lot of corrosion or oxidation on the battery terminal you find
  • You find a battery warning light  

Upgrading your old car with a second hand car battery will keep it running and help you avoid embarrassing roadside problems. 

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Alloy Wheels:

The average lifespan of alloy wheels is 3-4 years. Alloy wheels can crack or bend which is dangerous as there are chances of wheel disintegration due to the forces. In addition, 

Alloy wheels have a lower lifespan than steel wheels. Because steel wheels have more durability while alloy wheels have more tensile strength. Even though, alloy wheels need to be replaced more often than steel wheels. As Allow wheels do have not to pocket-friendly prices, it is ideal to buy 2nd hand alloy wheels on a tight budget. We provide second-hand alloy wheels having premium quality from a good brand. It offers performance such as quicker acceleration.  


Tires are also an integral part of the car that provides traction and grip. How you drive and how you maintain it has a direct impact on its lifespan of it. After 5 years, it is essential to inspect whether it is still road worthy or not. It does not need replacement only because of the higher age of the tire, but due to impact damage, punctures, overloading, improper inflation, routine tread wear, and many more. Driving with worn tires, it is difficult to gain traction on snow-covered and icy roads. It can also increase the chances of a disastrous blowout.

Engine Air Filter:

The engine air filter keeps dirt and dust out of the engine. Consequently, car engines stay free of dirt and dust. Staying dirt free and running properly is the engine’s first essential thing. Therefore, If you are living in a dusty area then you should change it more frequently else you can change it annually or more than 11,000 miles.

Closing Notes:

For a safe ride, it is important to check car parts on regular basis and look for signs that may indicate that parts need to be replaced. Car maintenance after some time duration, keep your car running smoothly and provide you the best driving experience.

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