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Is it safe to use used car tires?

Is it safe to use used car tires?

Tires are the most important part of your vehicle that keeps the vehicle on the road.  While it is the most expensive purchase and not a subject of very often replacement, the right selection of it is very necessary. However, everybody can not afford a buying a new one especially when the maintenance cost is increased. In that situation, buying used car tires comes to mind. At that time, the bigger question comes to mind is it safe to buy? Buying a used car surely helps you to save money. But before buying, you should consider safety.      

Here is some guidance that will help you to take the right decision.

Used car Vs. New One:

Since you buy a new one, you will get plenty of warranties which include quality of construction and tread life. New tires are a good choice in terms of comfort, handling, steering feel, and braking. To buy new tires you need to pay a higher cost especially if your vehicle needs 19-inch or 20-inch tires having ultra-high performance. This is where used car tires come into the picture. Used car tires might not come with a warranty, but you can save money at the same time you get the performance. 

Is it safe to buy?

To be frank, it depends on tread depth and damage. It might possible that some have more patches than other but that does not mean that it is not safe. You should not buy a tire with a tread depth near the limit of 3/32” and in reality 4/32”. It is not safe to use tire having treads reaching those measurements. Because driving with those tires on the highway or on a wet surface can increase the stopping distance. Therefore, while shopping for a used car ensure that it has safe tread depth. You should not buy tires having signs of any damage, bulges, irregular wear, deformation, or deep cuts.

The inspection process and quality check:

Each tire before buying must be inspected at least two times before buying to ensure safety. In addition, you should also conduct a special pressure check test. You can check the manufacturing date using a four-digit number in which the first two numbers indicate the week and the last two digits show the year. In addition, also check below points:

  • The hole must be located at the tread section of the tire
  • The diameter of the hole must not exceed 6mm

Take Away:

If you have finally decided that used car tires might be for you, then it is best to pay attention to where to buy them. Quick Googling may lead you to smart kabadi, which has a wide selection of second hand car spare parts of all brands. It has hundreds of positive online reviews also.  

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