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Tips to evaluate the great resale value of the car

Your car is getting old and you’ll want to sell it to buy a new one. You wonder how to evaluate the right value for your car. Well, before you think to contact the broker, ensure that you have all the necessary information to evaluate the right price.    

Here we have listed the most prominent factors that influence used car prices and how to evaluate the right resale value of your car and get the best deal for your car.

Condition of car:
Regular car maintenance and following the owner’s manual are one of the prime influencing factors that affect the resale value. A used car having good condition helps you get a higher value. Buyers also like to pay the price for a car having a good condition. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the true condition of your car and take the required steps. You should also ensure that essential parts have been changed if they are not in good condition. If you are on a tight budget to buy a new one, then you can buy second-hand car parts. This will make your car just like brand new even if it is not. 

Appearance matters a lot:
As we all know that first impression matters, you should enhance the physical appearance of your car. You should clean your car, get it waxed, or polish it. Along with that, you should also take care of the car interior equally. It should be also cleaned up regularly. If your car has any dents or scratches, then you can take it to remove the scratches and car dent. To remove it, you should not repaint the car or not spend a large amount of money. It is obvious that second-hand car buyers will not expect the car like showroom condition. Therefore, instead of spending on unnecessary costs, clean it and polish it.      

Brand Value:
Brand value plays a central role in assessing the value of the car. Your car’s value varies depending on the brand value of your car. Such as Maruti Suzuki enjoy the perk of being dependable while fiat loses its brand value due to poor after-sales support. Remember that, the buyer always looks for a relatively trouble-free car so that he is not required to spend on an expensive service. Therefore, before evaluating the car’s value, understanding the brand value is the most important factor.

Proper Document Maintainance:
All the car documentation such as history reports, owner manuals, and service records need to be maintained properly  Maintaining the documents in an organized manner evokes a positive image in front of prospective buyers. You should make one folder of essential car ownership documents such as valid insurance, registration certificate(RC), and pollution under control (PUC) certificate so that you can use it when you require it. 

Bonus Tip:
Settle your mind for the minimum price is an important tick that you must ensure. If you are planning to sell it through a local business, they will take a 3-4% commission while selling your car further. So you should add 4-5% commission on your final minimum sale price. 

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