second hand car spare parts

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Car Parts 

Wear and tear on today’s vehicles insist on spare parts replacement on regular basis. However, car parts that were replaced by a professional motor shop are time-consuming and faulty. You can make this process easier by searching for second hand car parts online. With an array of second hand car spare parts dealers, getting the right components for your car is just a few clicks away.

Why purchase second hand car parts instead of new ones?

Buying used car parts is a great economical and cost-effective solution while keeping your vehicle on the road. This is a great alternative to keep your vehicle running without breaking your budget. Furthermore, by purchasing used car parts, you can give new life to old parts which have been already manufactured, and consequently, energy spent in the manufacturing of the parts is not wasted.    

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Determine the parts you require:

For a car parts replacement, it is essential to get the correct part for your model, as there may be variations of a car even within the same range from a manufacturer. To ensure that you are buying the right part for your car, here are some useful steps you should follow:

Firstly, know your car’s Vehicle Identification Number [VIN] that is unique to your vehicle. This code is used to identify the right part. You can find this code on existing parts, or you can take a part to the local breaker yard where an expert person may be able to identify it. The second way is to take an old part to a second hand car parts dealer and compare it until you find the perfect match. 

Track down your car part:

In order to get the car part you need, the next step is looking for someone who can sell it to you. Thankfully, there are many places to find them which include scrap yards, dealers, and online sellers.  

Scrap Yards:

The scrap yard is the best option where you can find plenty of stock. Scrap yards are filled with parts that have been recovered from old cars or damaged cars, you have the chance to haggle in person.  This can also be a great place to negotiate face-to-face deals.


If you are looking for a time-saving option then you can talk to a local dealer. Local dealers take the hassle of finding the particular part that you need. However, they may bit more charge than if you were searching by yourself, if you are looking for a time-saving option then purchasing car parts from an authorized dealer might be the right option for you. 


Finding the right part can be challenging but with smart kabadi, your search just got easier. Smart kabadi helps you source genuine and quality parts. So you can easily and quickly find the exact parts you need at the best price.   

Bonus Tip:

When you looking for car spare parts, ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate seller with a good track record. You should get an invoice or some kind of proof of purchase for the transaction. You should find a dealer who is willing to provide some form of warranty. If the dealer denies offering any type of warranty then you should look for another option. Before making a purchase, check reviews or testimonials on third-party websites to get the exact idea of the quality and trustworthiness of the seller.   

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