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Tips for Inspecting and Buying Used Car Headlights

Headlights are important for cars as they not only allow you to see the road more clearly at night but also provide a signal to other drivers that you are coming. When looking for used car parts, it is important to do your research in order to find the right part that works well and is in good condition. Be sure to carefully check the condition and assess the functionality of any components before you buy.  

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Purchasing used headlights from an auto parts store can be a great way to save money. However, Before you purchase a used headlight, it’s important to consider how compatible with your car. So, when browsing for second hand car spare parts, it is important to be aware of certain factors that will help you decide if the headlight is right for your car. To make an informed purchase, here are a few things to consider before buying a used car light.

know exactly what type of headlight your car needs:

When looking for the right kind, you should first familiarize yourself with the three main types: halogen headlights, Xenon headlights, and LED headlights. 


Halogen headlights are the most common type of headlight used in vehicles, particularly older models. They operate using a tungsten filament encased in a combination of iodine, bromine, and nitrogen gases which produces a lot of heat. This type of headlight produces a bright but distinctly yellow light and has the advantage of being cost-effective when compared to other more advanced and popular models of headlights.  


LED (light emitting diode) headlights are becoming increasingly popular for vehicles as they are more energy efficient and easier to install. Though these headlight fixtures can be costlier than the halogen bulbs they replace, they’re usually a better investment in the long run. Since new LED headlights can be expensive, If you are looking for a cost-effective option, then you can buy used LED headlights from a second hand car parts dealer.

Xenon / HID:

Xenon is a type of HID (high-intensity discharge) bulb that uses gas rather than filaments. Although they are more expensive than their halogen, it usually lasts longer and provides brighter light. To ensure they work properly, a professional installation is recommended.

Knowing the right headlight configuration: 

Knowing the right headlight configuration can make or break the successful installation of a new headlight. Installing a vehicle headlight used to be as simple as changing a light bulb. However, with the many advancements in headlights in recent years, it’s important to know the general components of properly replacing and setting up new ones. 

Sealed Beam: 

Headlights of older vehicles typically use a sealed beam system. These headlights attach the bulb and lens as one unit which is then directly secured on the front of the car. This type of headlight gives drivers an advantage due to its convenience and simplicity of installation.


Capsules are commonly used for headlights in newer vehicles due to their convenience, as they can just be plugged straight into the headlight socket. This makes them easier to install and replace when necessary.

Browse Used Car Batteries from the Professional Dealer:

Searching for parts that are compatible with your vehicle can be tricky. To make sure you’re finding the right items and receiving professional advice, rely on Smart Kabadi, the best second hand car spare parts dealer. With years of experience in auto maintenance, we can help provide quality used headlights and other parts that give you peace of mind. Visit us online to find out how Smart Kabadi will make sure your car gets the upgrade it needs – professionally.

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