Second hand car spare parts

10 Second Hand Car Spare Parts That Are Most Often Replaced In India

The most important thing for a car owner to remember is to have a basic understanding of the pieces of an automobile and how they work. Also, he has to be aware of when and where to repair specific parts, ideally before something goes wrong with the automobile. The strange aspect of all automobile brands now in production is how similarly designed and functionally constructed they are. This made second hand car parts a reliable option for owners.

So, it is evident that the majority of cars have the same problem when operating on the roadways. In spite of the fact that a brand’s particular equipment and safety features may differ, essential systems and core pieces, such as the engine, have the same flaws. It should go without saying that you will need to replace the faulty component in order to resolve this unpleasant scenario. 

Second hand car spare parts are abundant in kabadi market and auto marketplaces in India. The majority that enter the kabadi market have the same issue. Understanding often second hand car parts is crucial. Here are several to consider:

  1. Driving Belt 

The drive belt is composed of a rubber-like substance and is powerful enough to run the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, oil pump, and AC compressor. It should go without saying that a drive belt is essential to the movement of your automobile. If small damage is disregarded, the drive belt will break while the vehicle is in motion, generating shouting noises. Hence, use caution.

  1. Oil Filtering

No matter what brand or type of car you drive, you need to change the oil filter immediately. It should go without saying that an internal combustion engine cannot function properly without adequate lubrication. Oil and oil filters often need to be replaced after 5000 to 20,000 km. But, you must adhere to the recommendations in your make and model’s handbook about the type of oil and how frequently it must be changed. In such instances, second hand spare parts may be economical yet functional.

  1. Engine

It should be noted that the engine is a crucial component of a car since without it, the vehicle cannot move. You might easily see a scenario in which an engine fails and you are left with no choice but to replace it with a new engine. Well, you can save money by buying second hand car parts for your engine. Also, this will not affect the performance of your vehicle.

  1. Speed Sensors For Wheels

The skilled and watchful driver is always monitoring dashboard lights. You were informed of the failure of the wheel speed sensors by the ABS warning light. Sensors are constantly exposed to the environment, making them susceptible to threats from salt, snow, dirt, and harsh winter and summer conditions. So, have them replaced if they are damaged with second hand car spare parts.

  1. Air Purifier

Although the air filter needs to be changed after traveling 40,000 kilometers, it also needs to be changed right away anytime it becomes blocked or unclean for smooth driving. Thus, it needs to be replaced on a regular basis. By reducing the airflow to the engine, a poor air filter can lower fuel economy. For drivers who frequently travel on sandy or humid roads, it becomes urgently necessary to replace the air filter.

  1. Brake Discs & Pads

As driving is impossible without a breaking mechanism, its significance is actually self-evident. Also, automobile owners often get their rotors and brake pads replaced by mechanics. The pressure from pressing the brake pads against the rotors causes the automobile to slow down as a result. Brake pads and rotors are scraped against one another in this manner. Their replacement follows their wearing. The brake pads wear out too early and the rotors become very hot just before applying the emergency brake.

  1. Steering Mechanism

The wheel may travel in a horizontal manner thanks to the same function at both ends. They are located outside and have rust damage as well. Never disregard a malfunctioning steering system since it poses a severe risk of a major accident. However, buying a new steering system will be expensive, hence, you can opt for second hand car parts.

  1. Ignition Mechanism

In theory, the spark plugs of an internal combustion engine ignite the fuel and air combination, generating an explosion that propels the vehicle forward. Spark plugs must endure high pressure and temperature in this manner. Because of this, as time goes on, the center electrode wears out, leading to its deterioration and necessitating replacement.

  1. Engine Control System 

In order to control the air-fuel mixture entering the engine, oxygen sensors are used. They are typically installed on the exhaust manifold and catalytic converter, respectively. There is no disputing that these O2 sensors need to be updated since they get damaged over time from being in a high-temperature zone.

  1. Sway Control Devices

Due to dust and wetness, suspension struts or shock absorbers are more susceptible to damage. Shock absorbers require replacement because they become damaged quickly, in contrast to other suspension parts.


Buying second hand car spare parts is a good option rather than buying the new one. As they are economical, reliable, and most importantly functional. So, before making your move to buy new car parts always consider second hand car parts at first, if they don’t match your need then you may proceed with the new one.

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