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EPR stands for Extended Producer Responsibility. Plastic wastes has a huge impact over the environment. To minimize its impact and ensure effective plastic waste management it is essential to get EPR registered and compliance. If you’re looking for end-to-end EPR services, then you’re on the right spot. Smart Kabadi offers top-notch EPR services from registration to compliance and more.

Plastic Waste Managemement: EPR Registration, Problem, Solution, & Responsibilities

As per the Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016 all the producers, brand owners, and importers shall ensure that the plastic waste is processed through recycling, re-use, or end-of-life disposal. Therefore, ERP registration is a must for plastic waste producer otherwise government action may take place.

Because there is no financial incentive for product producers to use less plastic in their products, they just continue to produce more plastic. This is a major problem of the plastic material producer that may be resolved under EPR services.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is the term used to describe the practise of transferring end-of-life management of products and materials to the makers of those plastic goods. Setting up this type of system has two key objectives:

  1. Easing the strain on communities and assigning producers a portion of the physical and/or financial liability for waste management.
  2. Giving manufacturers incentives to create products with low environmental impact and resource efficiency.

Producers, Importers, Brand-Owners, and Plastic Waste processors (PIBOs) must register through the centralized online EPR portal created by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) in accordance with EPR rules for plastic packaging. The CPCB must register PIBOs for EPR for the management of plastic waste.

PIBOs must register with the relevant State Pollution Control Boards (SPCB/PCC) if they operate in one or more states or UTs. PIBOs must register with CPCB if they conduct business in more than two states or UTs.

Responsibilities: Register at EPR portal, Submit their action plan, recycle, reuse, end-of-life disposal, Submit annual returns, Provide proof certificates.

What We Do?


Smart Kabadi offers EPR Audit an inspection of the groundwork of waste collection and its management


We work as a team, we ensure you to assist in every stage of EPR from registration to compliance and more


Smart Kabadi offers end-to-end EPR services from base groundwork to collection, processing to auditing, etc.


Being the best kabadi market Ahmedabad, Smart Kabadi assists PIBOs in recycling the waste


We help EPR registered company in processing their waste under Industrial process to recover energy from material


Our EPR services carried out by professionals ensure to fulfill the required compliance for EPR certificate

Your Impacts & Contribution


Your Business

We’re recycling and reusing the plastic waste, the required raw material demand will decrease and the business production will increase.



With the implementation of EPR services, we can minimize the plastic waste which will lead to a greener and safer environment

Scrap Market in Ahmedabad

Informal Sector

Plastic wastes tends to be hazardous. With the help of EPR we can create a healthier and improved working conditions for informal sector.

Key Benefits

Digitization: With the introduction of EPR services, one can track down their waste production.

Circularity:The waste produced gets recycled and reused again & again for better circularity.

Transparency: With ERP Audit, transparency of the waste produced stays transparent.

Scalability: Since, the waste will be recycled and reused you can scale your business accordingly.

Traceability: Plastic wastes produced can be traced and disposed as per the standards.

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