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Factors for Valuation of your scrap vehicle

Smart Kabadi Market Ahmedabad offers a sweet and simple working process including the following three steps:

Scrap Metal Rate

Vehicle scrap price is also depend on fluctuation in scrap metal rate

Vehicle Condition

Vehicle body parts and engine condition either running or stopped


Transportation is the component while determining the scrap price of your vehicle. Closer to the scrapping facility better in valuation.

No Missing Parts

Scrap price will vary if any valuable parts are missing from your vehicle. e.g. Battery, Electronic items and other under hood parts

Re-used Parts Sales

If your vehicle parts are in good condition and have demand in market then you may get better scrap price for your vehicle.

Scrap Your Vehicle In 3 Steps

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Prem Sahu
Prem Sahu
Best scrap buyer in ahemdabad
Vijay Rajani
Vijay Rajani
Excellent Service...
Rahul Sahu
Rahul Sahu
Good service 👍
Ranjeet Kumar
Ranjeet Kumar
It was an hassle free experience with smart kabadi!..they came and collected all the scrape at very competitive prices!..I am highly impressed with their services!
Mantu Kumar
Mantu Kumar
Excellent services. Best rate in the market, no cheating in weight. Good and co-operative staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

As per the guidelines of the government, a vehicle shall be scrapped after it has reached its end-of-life. Otherwise, using your vehicle even after reaching its end-of-life is considered illegal. So, why not get your vehicle scrapped? Contact Smart Kabadi to know more.

Yes of course! Smart Kabadi is the best scrap buyer in Ahmedabad who offers an online scrap vehicle value estimator. Simply, fill in some basic details and you’ll get the best value for your scrap vehicle. The value may vary depending on the conditions.

Smart Kabadi follows a legal working procedure that includes vehicle scraping as per the RTO rules, sending a video of scraping to the owner of the vehicle, and returning no. plates, Thetis no. plates and authorized letter of Smart Kabadi.

Smart Kabadi primarily focuses on recycling your scrap if possible. Further, the scraps can either be re-manufactured or re-used somewhere. Additionally, we take care of our environment and promote better living by offering proper scraping services.

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