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Started in March 2020 and delivering the best quality scraping services across Ahmedabad. Plus, the incorporation of technology is what makes us the best scrap buyer in Ahmedabad.

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Offering High-Quality Scraping Services

Scraping is essential from the aspect of maintaining a good and cleaner environment near our habitat. Smart Kabadi being the best kabadi market Ahmedabad works on minimizing the use of natural resources while maximizing recycling of the scrap. We believe that with the help of technology it’s possible to make recycling accessible and achievable to all from individuals to institutions. Plus, Smart Kabadi is offering doorstep pick up of your scrap and instant payment via UPIs, cash. Now’s the time to acquire high-quality scraping services!

Environment Friendly

Our Goal

Smart Kabadi’s goal is to scrap old and unfit vehicles with the best quality services resulting in the reduction of less air pollution and promoting better air quality.

Air pollution is increasing day-by-day, henceforth harming the environment. One of the reasons behind the increase in air pollution is unfit and old vehicles that need to be scrapped. Smart Kabadi is the best car scraper in Ahmedabad providing quality services for vehicle scraping from picking vehicles to be scraped from your doorstep to making instant payments.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create a society where nothing is wasted i.e. recycled. To this end, Smart Kabadi is offering its best services to create a system that promotes sustainable recycling and aim to generate more and more employment. 

There are several environmental activities getting disturbed due to pollution. We can reduce waste by reusing, remanufacturing, and most importantly recycling the scrap. This will lead to a pollution-less environment for better living. Further, Smart Kabadi being the best kabadi market Ahmedabad is following a working process that increases the rate of recycling.

Why Choose Us

Expert Vehicle Inspection

Our expert vehicle inspector will do proper check to give unbiased/netural used/scrap car inspection feedback

Trusted by 8000+ vehicle owner

It goes beyond scrapping vehicle. We care about building client relationship and investing our energy to help you excced expectations with professional solutions.

Best in market price

Get best market price with proper documentation

Fast feature pickup

Most of the vehicle get pickup in one day

certificate of achivement

Stop Polluting And Start Living

I am Rajmal Teli, the founder of Smart Kabadi. I have been into kabadi market Ahmedabad for many years. I have started my 1st company with the name of Shree Kardhar Scrap Trader and have been delivering the best scraping services reaching as many people as possible. During covid, I noted that several businesses are moving online, so why not us? At that moment, Smart Kabadi was introduced. Although Smart Kabadi is the new approach to a pollution free India by delivering the best scraping services, and moving online scaled our campaigns by reaching numbers of people. I started my this startup to change the mindset of general peoples who think that we are just kabadi but no we are the waste management service providers who are helping in Save Water, Save Trees, and Save Earth. 

Rajmal Teli

Founder & CEO


Our Team

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